Want to Tour Mesoamerica?

Although I have ceased active posting on this blog, I do want to make this anouncement.

For those of you who have always wanted a chance to mock me, throw peanuts, and rattle my cage, I’ll be participating as a junior companion guide on Mark Wright‘s tour of Book of Mormon Mesoamerica in Guatemala and southern Mexico. We will be visiting some absolutely world class archaeological sites such as Tikal and Palenque. For more information, see this web site.http://www.thepassiontravelcompany.com/mx10u1302ldsmaw/
It’s going to be a great trip!

Gee’s Official Position on the BOA

Gee’s views on the BOA have been misrepresented in some of the comments on my blog.  Although I’m phasing my blog out, I think Gee’s real position should be clarified.

To find Gee’s “Official Position” on the Book of Abraham, please consult the following: